Police in India declare rats have eaten almost 600kg of confiscated marijuana

Police in India have claimed rats have eaten almost 600kg of hashish after a courtroom ordered the confiscated materials to be offered as proof throughout a trial for folks accused of drug trafficking.

Police in Mathura, within the northern area of the nation, advised magistrates that 581kg of the drug disappeared from two warehouses.

The seized cargo had reportedly been sitting there for greater than 4 years, after six suspected drug traffickers had been stopped on a freeway and had medicine seized from them in two shipments in 2018 and 2019.

Prosecutor Ranveer Singh claimed the medicine had been consumed by rodents and “couldn’t be produced”.

“There is no such thing as a place within the police station the place the saved items may be saved from the mice. The remainder [cannabis] of the massive cargo was destroyed by officers,” prosecutors advised the courtroom.

Prosecutors stated the rodent infestation was an not possible drawback to take care of, with the same case occurring in 2017 when officers claimed 45kg of marijuana was consumed by the cheeky pests.

One other related incident occurred earlier this yr, when police in neighboring Bihar claimed that rodents had drunk almost one million liters of alcohol saved in warehouses.

“Being small in dimension, mice will not be afraid of the police, nor can the police be thought of specialists in fixing the issue,” the prosecutors stated.

Smugglers are presently on trial for drug trafficking, a course of that may take years – and even a long time – to finish beneath the Indian courtroom system.

Initially revealed as Police in India claims rats ate almost 600 kg of confiscated marijuana

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