Carpet python present in WA backyard, drinks from chook tub

An enormous carpet python has been photographed ingesting from a chook tub in Western Australia.

The extraordinary sight was photographed by WA resident Jeanie Lennard, who informed the ABC she made the invention when she heard the birds had been making “a little bit of a fuss” as a result of snake’s presence.

As soon as he found the python in his yard in WA’s Midwest area, the reptile rose virtually 60cm off the bottom to drink from the chook tub.

“I circled and stated, ‘Oh my God! What’s that?’ And, sure, it was a python,” he stated.

The reptile was later recognized by the Division of Biodiversity, Conservation and Sights as a southwestern carpet python. The species is acknowledged by its distinctive patterned scales that characteristic a definite sample that varies from greenish-brown to blackish-brown.

Non-venomous pythons are sometimes discovered sheltering in hole tree branches, rock crevices and even the burrows of different animals.

The common carpet python can develop to 2.5-3m and weigh between 1-4.5kg, though females may be 4 occasions the scale of males, in line with Perth Zoo.

Though she was intimidated by pythons, Ms Lennard stated the “innocent” creatures now not alarmed her.

“Not all snakes are dangerous, and pythons simply dwell within the atmosphere and do not damage anybody,” he stated.

“So hopefully individuals do not robotically kill snakes once they see them.”

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