WhiteWater World: Lachlan Steger breaks collarbone in Triple Vortex and discusses legal action

A Brisbane man is considering legal action after suffering a broken collarbone while riding at a Gold Coast theme park last year.

Lachlan Steger, 25, said he “completely broke” his collarbone while riding the Triple Vortex at WhiteWater World, which resulted in a metal plate being inserted into his shoulder and nerve damage.

“Going around the third turn of the raft, I went up about two and a half feet,” Steger told 7 News.

“And then, instead of turning around and going back down, I fell out of the raft,” he said.

“When I was in the air, I remember making the decision to hit me in the head or the shoulder.”

On Dreamworld’s website, the Triple Vortex is described as the “hottest tube ride on the planet,” which “swings” the rider through multiple funnels.

Steger also made the explosive claim that in the immediate aftermath of the accident, WhiteWater World staff were more interested in getting him to sign a non-disclosure agreement than his health.

He said that while paramedics offered him painkillers, park staff asked him to sign a waiver that would prevent him from taking further action.

If the matter goes to court, it would not be the first time Dreamworld has faced legal battles.

In 2020, the mother of an eight-year-old girl sued the company after her daughter suffered a distressing injury on a water slide.

Ardent Leisure, the parent company of WhiteWater World, was contacted by NCA Newswire on Tuesday.

In separate media reports, the company rejected Steger’s claims.

“Dreamworld and WhiteWater World refute any allegations that they asked the guest to sign a non-disclosure agreement,” the company said.

“This is not standard practice for any injury, as the Park Health team is focused only on providing medical care as efficiently as possible.”

“The guest in question received medical attention immediately and Park Health provided pain relief within minutes, effectively demonstrating the team’s focus on providing urgent medical care to the guest while they waited for an ambulance.”

Originally published Brisbane man plans legal action over horror injuries at WhiteWater World

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