Plug Power must control expenses

Rocket Pharma: “It’s a very early-stage company with a lot in the pipeline. I tend to like these companies. … If you have a bunch, I think you’ll be fine.”

plug power company: “Plug Power lost money…they have to rein in spending.”

Anavex Life Sciences: “This is another one that I kind of like, I have to tell you. … I don’t like losses in tech, but in biotech, I can live with the fact that they have a good pipeline.”

GoPro Corporation: “I have to stop…I just don’t think they’ve done well enough to recommend.”

Ryan Professional Holdings: “I have to find out what the hell went wrong with that one last week. … It’s usually a very normal regular company that gets slammed. I have to find out first and recommend.”

Cramer's blitz: Plug Power must rein in spending

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