Amazon unions push for Moreno Valley warehouse stalls

A group of Amazon workers seeking to join an independent Amazon union at a Moreno Valley fulfillment center has withdrawn a petition to hold a union election, the National Labor Relations Board confirmed.

Before withdrawing the petition on Friday, Amazon expressed doubts that organizers seeking to unionize at the company’s ONT8 fulfillment center had gathered enough worker signatures to call union elections. To hold an election under the watchful eye of the National Labor Relations Board, unions must certify that they have gathered the supporting signatures of at least 30 percent of workers eligible to vote.

Union leaders described the move as a temporary setback rather than a signal that the workers’ group, which calls itself United 4 Change ONT8, is ending its unionization push.

The group filed an election petition in October. 11, marking the first time workers at an Amazon factory in California have formally sought union elections. In the petition, the Amazon union said it was trying to represent a unit of 800 workers.

In October, Amazon sent a letter to the NLRB. Officially challenged the ONT8 election petition on the 18th. Lawyers representing Amazon said in a statement on Oct. 10 that the company disputed the number of 800 workers, saying the actual number of existing Amazon workers in the ONT8 division was 2,645, three times the number estimated by union organizers. many. 20 Filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Because the number of workers eligible to vote is much larger, it is “highly unlikely” that Amazon’s union will succeed in securing at least 30 percent of the supporting signatures, Amazon’s lawyers wrote.

Chris Smalls, president of the Amazon union, and Nannette Plascencia, an ONT8 employee who oversees the union at the plant, said the group plans to resubmit the election petition within weeks.

Smalls said in an email that Amazon’s questioning of workers’ support for the union “was simply Amazon using it as a union-busting tactic.” He said the withdrawal of the petition was part of a necessary process and that his union went through a similar motion in another campaign but went on to secure an election victory.

Pulling out is “nothing to worry about,” Smalls said.

The early filing of the election petition “was a useful move” to ensure accurate data on ONT8 staff; he said the union would now “be able to resubmit when we deem it best”.

At a union event at Amazon’s JFK8 facility in Staten Island, the Amazon union also withdrew its original election petition. The NLRB told the union it hadn’t collected enough worker signatures; union reThe application was successfully submitted in January, After about two months.

Amazon unions won a watershed union election at the JFK8 plant in April — the company’s first successful unionization effort at any of its U.S. warehouses.

The union has failed to secure its second win so far, losing another election in May at the neighboring LDJ5 facility and last week in Albany.

Amazon has long discouraged unions and has repeatedly been accused of engaging in anti-union tactics in violation of federal law.

Amazon spokesman Paul Flaningan said in an email that the company was notified Friday that the ONT8 election petition had been withdrawn.

“Our focus remains on listening directly to employees and making continuous improvements on their behalf,” Flaningen said.

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