The Pantry and Sasol, an exceptional fuel stop and shop experience

The Pantry by Marble was named Best Forecourt Store in the recent Best of Joburg Readers’ Choice Awards 2022 to honor how Sasol and The Pantry have revolutionized the fuel-free shopping experience.

In March 2022, Sasol partnered with The Pantry to turn your average backyard store into a unique hybrid supermarket. In true Rosebank style, The Pantry is not your average gas station store. This patio store is part of the Marble Group.

The Pantry and Sasol is not your average gas station

The Pantry-Exterior-and-Entrance
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The Pantry is located in a Sasol Neighborhood Center in Rosebank and offers consumers a deli, supermarket, takeaway and retail in one place, upping the ante for the fuel stop shop forever.

This store brings together comfort, class and exclusivity with acclaimed chefs such as Megin Meikle and Tyler Clayton preparing a variety of award-winning meals that dazzle and delight customers’ taste buds 24 hours a day.

‘Our customers are the center of our business

The-Despensa-Retail, local and imported products
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Dumisani Bengu, Sasol, Senior Vice President of Energy Mobility Business and Customer Experience, says: “This win is a testament to the excellent service and products provided by Pantry in Rosebank, and we are proud that this business innovation is named after Sasol. that.”

He continues: “Our customers are at the heart of our business and we strive to ensure they experience service in a way that exceeds their expectations.” We congratulate Marble Group on this award as well and are honored to have contributed to this bespoke offering.”

For Bengu, this partnership is proof that world-class service can be found both at the pumps and through the automatic sliding doors of the forecourt store.

“Through this unique partnership, Joburgers has access to Sasol’s leading fuel products and a high-end hybrid supermarket. Now that’s award-winning convenience at its best.”

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