Sophie Ndaba raises awareness about diabetes and her struggles

Monday is World Diabetes Day. ancient generations actress Sophie Ndaba has opened up about her struggle with diabetes.

The actress revealed that she was diagnosed with diabetes nearly a decade ago and that it taught her “not to take life for granted.”

With this year’s theme: “Education to Protect Tomorrow,” the actress educated her followers about the disease on her personal Instagram account.

Sophie raises awareness about diabetes

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day also seeks to highlight opportunities to strengthen the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that diabetes could become one of the leading causes of death in Africa by 2030 if urgent interventions are not taken. The number of adults currently living with diabetes in Africa is predicted to increase by 129% by 2045.

Ndaba says diabetes is “inconvenient, painful, confusing, deadly and requires 24/7 monitoring”.

“Prevention is better than cure”

It’s a blue day! Know your levels. Living with this deadly disease – diabetes – for almost a decade has taught me not to take life for granted. Being attacked, mocked [and] laughing was nothing [and] even declared dead most of the time it was nothing,” Ndaba wrote on social media.

“Trust me, prevention is better than cure. Avoid stress, prevent depression, have good healthy eating and drinking habits. Together we can prevent and beat diabetes. Are you pre-diabetic?? Know your condition,” he added.


Image: Screenshot from Instagram story

Taking to her Instagram story, Sophie said: “I wish non-diabetics would know that diabetes is 24/7. We feel it and see it almost constantly. It’s on the fridge, cupboards, diaries, apps [and] appointments It’s in our bags, pockets, scars and complications. It’s never your joke.”

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