Corgi mauled by pack of poodles, woman bitten by dog ​​owner in freak attack

A violent dog fight broke out on a California beach last month, as 10 ferocious poodles attacked a 13-year-old corgi and his owner, according to a report.

Kathrin Burleson was walking her corgi Emma at Trinidad State Beach with a friend on Oct. 29 when the pack of standard poodles jumped out of a nearby car and started running toward them, according to the Mad River Union newspaper.

Burleson saw the dogs about 20 meters away and tried to catch Emma, ​​but his little dog was so scared that it got out of the harness.

The two were quickly plowed down by the pack of crazed poodles.

“So they jumped us,” Burleson told the newspaper. “We were at the back of a pack of 10 dogs snarling and biting.”

“I thought Emma and I were going to be killed,” he said, noting that he tried to protect the older dog, who is beloved throughout the community for working at a local hospital as a service animal.

As he tried to fend off the pack of poodles, Burleson felt his finger being bitten. She was stunned when she realized it was the owner of the poodles, who allegedly bit her finger, according to the newspaper.

“It was one of the strangest experiences of my life when I looked up and saw that it was a person biting me. I yelled at him to stop and he did,” Burleson told the paper. The other owner apparently later told him he thought he was biting one of his dogs.

Another woman, who has not been identified, quickly became a hero when she pulled Emma out of the chaos.

“She became an angel at that moment,” Burleson said. “It was a miracle. As he lifted Emma, ​​the dogs jumped and tore at her flesh and fur.”

After breaking up the fight, Emma was rushed to Sunny Brae Animal Clinic in Arcata, where she was treated for serious injuries.

The strange incident was first reported on the social networking website Nextdoor by a neighbor, Ted Pease.

“The lacerations and puncture wounds from the poodle attack are extensive and deep. Emma is still fighting for her life, and she is not out of the woods yet. We have photos of her injuries, but they are too horrific to include here,” Pease wrote.

Emma is slowly recovering, Burleson told the newspaper. The corgi is known throughout the community as he worked as a service animal at Mad River Community Hospital before the pandemic.

This wasn’t the first time poodles attacked other dogs, according to Pease’s Nextdoor post.

“This is a warning to those who see a car full of fuzzy poodle faces,” Pease wrote. “They are cute, but they can be very aggressive (and how humane is it to pack eight or more dogs into such a small vehicle?). As Emma’s attack demonstrated, these dogs can be dangerous to other dogs, humans or, God forbid free, kids.”

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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