Computer games help children overcome the pain of cancer treatment

A new study in Spain has found that computer games can help children overcome the pain of cancer treatments.

Research carried out at the Hospital da Paz in Madrid has also shown that playing video games helps them recover.

Mucositis is often an adverse effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer that results in painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes that line the digestive tract.

The study looked at pain levels by monitoring heart rate and eye responses in children undergoing chemotherapy.

Ignacio Gonzales is the medical director of Mdoloris Medical Systems and said: “This is the idea that the head of anesthesia, at the Francisco Reinoso Peace Hospital, thought that children go through a very painful treatment in some type of cancer. that it was a mucositis, it could be the pain they suffer from, it could be relieved with video games.”

Twenty boys and girls around 11.5 years old, both boys and girls, were studied one day before using video games and one day after playing.

After using the video games, the study found considerable pain-relieving effects even though lower amounts of morphine were administered.

Gonzales added “They realized that because of these video games, they were able to cut in half the amount of opiates that these kids get and also the total amount of opiates that they get per day. So that was a huge success.”

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